Letters to the Bride: part deux


How have time fly? So much that you’ll never realised it.

August 1st, last year you attended his concert. It was impromptu. Yet, I guessed it sparked something between the two of you. Yes, you’re a fan. No, you did not see anything coming. Friends’ teasing were constant. 

The following day, after much nagging and pushing, and stop-all-this-nonsense-of-perigi-cari-timba-shit, you mustered the courage to pm with the excuse of giving more photos (right). That itself probably sparked something. Why would a stranger or an acquaintance tell you of his or her plans with the family, right? 

Fast forward.

August 1st, this year. You unlocked the next milestone. This feels like super fast forward, now that I think about it. Friends around spend so much time courting and dating and being engaged. You both spent 3 months of courting before getting serious, got engaged by the next 3 months, ready to be betrothed the following 6 months. LU GILA KAPPA?! No, you did not go somewhere along the lines of “BTO, shall we?”. Let’s hope you both nail this.

August 2nd, this year. As you reminisced about how August has changed your life, it’s 35 days to your #ourwalima6915. 

Time really flies, eh? As the day draws nearer, I keep praying for everything to be fine – may our Beloved sustain our rizq and keep our iman strong. Our journey is raw and long. But I pray that He ease our affairs, from the prep to the wedding day, our little moon to the honeymoon and our time to raise the extra $$ for our tiny new abode. 


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