Letters to the Bride


The days are numbered. I have so many things yet too little time and $$$. I got a little too stressed up to the point that “stress” is an understatement.

Will I turn into a bridezilla? I hope not. Maybe, writing can keep me sane momentarily.

As the date draws nearer, I couldn’t help but feel scared. I got too worried about the future and our finances. Not that I didn’t know people mocked at me when I decided to settle down just as I was done with my BA. I forgot what exactly was my intention to settle down. 

I forgot that my ibadah is only meant for Our Beloved, our Rabb. Hence this marriage is for Him. He has chosen for me a servant of His, and in return, I should obey continue be a good wife, daughter etc.

I forgot my intention of the wedding. True, they say it is meant for your parents and family. But it is also for me to do charity. Even so, my lack of finances is probably His reminder for my forgotten intention. To keep my wedding simple. 

So nearing the date if I ever got too stressed out again, I should read this post. And remind myself what my intention to get married and hold a wedding reception.

Dear Lord, most Merciful and most Forgiving, You are our sustainer. As such, whatever rizq You give us, it is sustainable. Ameen.


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