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Morning Rant of Stale Air


What is so hard about taking a shower in the morning? Don’t anyone feel guilty about it? Well, guilty about contributing to polluting the somewhat fresh air with your stale smell? If you’re out to achieve the out of bed look, you’re not nailing it right. Exactly what more than half of the population in SG is doing right now. And this is me, having to endure my 20-25 minute train ride from Tampines to Aljunied. (Phew)

Never mind about that. What appalled me other than bad breathe and literally just jumped-out-of-bed-and-put-on-your-work-clothes-on-and-off-you-go odour, it’s the stale, smelly behaviour of some people. While I try to breathe properly here in the train, my memories brought me back to last night’s teh (Malay for tea) session.

Our conversation evolved around wedding plans and how some people probably tend to be “mata merah” (literally translated: red eyed. But it means green-eyed/jealous). Guess some (read: one, or maybe there really are some.. Beats me.) people are not happy others are getting hitched? Maybe some people expected me to not be over them (read again: one)?

This smelly (busuk) behaviour, especially paired with that spiteful attempt to get others to not attend my wedding is beyond me. I cannot put a proper reasoning to why some people (ok just remember: one) must behave in such manner. Honestly, kenapa, eh?

A few people actually questioned me if I’m over certain things: fuck, yes. Don’t I look like I have moved on? Don’t I seem happy enough? Stop asking already. Yes, I’m fucking pretty sure am getting married. This bit has nothing to do with anyone else getting married. Consider it “jodoh” (fate).

If you, eh, I mean some people, want to go around “rallying” in their most influential ways to stop others from attending my wedding, please continue. Those attending my wedding will not be bothered by your opinion, eh I mean your jealousy. Kau… Gila eh?

With this, I’m not asking you in particular to be happy for me. I don’t need that from people like you. You don’t contribute to anything in anyway. Eh wait! You did. You made me realise what a twat you were. So thanks, eh.  Why don’t you just start minding your own? Just saying…

I have reached my stop. Kbye.


The Migraine of Every Wedding


The past weeks have been busy and crazy.. Scouring for caterers to fit our theme and menus. Especially if you are not the kind to be efficient in information retrieval at the last minutes. Considering that we decided to get married in 6 months (then was in March), now we’re left with about 4 months. Finding a caterer around this timeline means one cannot be too picky.

Point to note: This is where the bulk of your savings goes to. (Unless your parents set up a wedding fund for you. Don’t laugh, some of my friends’ parents did it for them.) And also the migraine of every wedding.

As our reception is a little twist from the typical Malay wedding reception, it was quite hard finding the right caterer. I took notes of the caterers names when I attend wedding functions. But I feel that it’s quite useless now that time and budget is not a luxury for us. I mean, names like Farzana, Puteri and Charisma are usually fully booked. Another thing we faced was the caterers we inquired with, cannot change their package! Some couples want hassle free all in package. Ok fine. But there are others who probably want some things here and there. We have a little DIYs and 2 different menus to cater to different social circles, namely our families and relatives and friends and colleagues.

I was adamant and stood my ground. The me that anyone know probably would not mind going with what’s best. But I felt that this time, I needed to say what I needed to say. I stood my ground on the reasons why our initial plan should stay as is. Besides, I am very sure that this 2-menus reception can be done. I have faith in the caterers but sadly, being typical Melayu, either they’re not very keen on the idea (most caterers said it’s very troublesome when buying the ingredients whereas others just quoted “pricey like it’s 2 different receptions”.). I became almost hopeless. I cannot imagine the super long queue for food and the kendarats having to keep topping up food. I cannot imagine people becoming flustered and annoyed. I cannot imagine myself not being happy when others are not.

For awhile, I gave up looking for anymore. I had found some halal caterers like those that serve during contact times and school events. Food will taste A-okay and probably some, like NS food. Yup, I resorted to that. I had wanted to support our Malay community caterers but look, with those kinda remarks like “leceh”.. “dah macam 2 majlis..”. I just cannot. But I guess, God loves us. He heard our pleas and answered our prayers. We found one, a family friend, who offered to cater for our wedding. A bit of my migraine went away when the caterer said she could do with 2 different menus. THAT WAS SUCH A RELIEF! 

I know it can be done. If once a upon a time in the early millennium, some weddings had a small lunch reception after the solemnization the later at night followed by dinner, I do not see why my 2 menus seemed “leceh” to some. We foresee a lot of guests yet we do not want to compromise on food, therefore we thought having 2 menus is a good idea. After last night’s meet up with the caterer at our venue, I felt better. The caterer listened to our needs and as much as possible both parties came up with a proper solution for the reception without changing much of the bride’s and groom’s needs.  And I can safely say now that I am looking forward to our big day!

P/s: I do not know if my 2-menu reception is going to be a good one. I really hope it will be a smooth-sailing one. I hope i do not cause a lot of trouble for my caterer, I hope my guests will be happy and I hope everything will go well.