My Ideal Wedding


Every girl dreams of her ideal wedding. Every bride to be (BTB) wants her ideal wedding reliased. Be it a fairytale wedding, a grand wedding or a simple ceremony, you name it, every girl has her own ideal wedding. What’s mine? Mine varies every now and then. One thing for sure, from a grand wedding, I have minimised to a simple wedding.  Simple as it can be, I still want an ideal starry wedding.

One day, I was listening to Yuna’s Terukir Di Bintang (Written in the Stars, literally translated) and I thought it is such a beautiful love song a woman can dedicate to her man.  My obsession with astronomy only pushed me to fantasize about this starry wedding. How can I get married under the stars?

Back when I was much younger, early twenties, when sisters and cousins got married, I have fantasized my own grand wedding – from the dais, decoration, wedding favours, guestbook and the program that follows. Not lavish, just probably really more emphasized one compared to what I saw then. I have also realised that I am not at any advantage to have parents or siblings sponsoring anything for me. So I told myself if I want all these, I gotta work for it menggg. However, I was studying and I prioritised my studies above anything else. (Because I self-funded my own studies.)

Then as I grew older, and weighed the importance of a wedding, I realised I only need certain things to be emphasized. Personally, a wedding is a celebration of a union between two persons. But of course, not for our Malay/Muslim society. Generally, your wedding is your parents’ event. I see some of my friends and cousins lamenting about how they can hardly see eye to eye over certain things with their parents. Then there is the adat and adab. (Next time on this okay?) I am going through the same torture too.

What a woman must realise is, your wedding, is not just yours. It’s yours and your partner’s. So, you must consider your partner’s wants and needs first, on top of your parents. Okay, maybe no one’s wants and needs should be top, just consider everyone’s thoughts first okay?


Project 6915, as we have yet to come up with a proper hashtag, came about when he proposed to me. After the proposal, I was bombarded with the dates for official engagement and our big day. One thing  I made clear beforehand, was how I simple I wanted my wedding to be. I told him of my ideal solemnisation which I hope to be followed by Solat Syukur, imam-ed by my newly wedded husband. I did not want to care much about the reception, but I realised how much of an important figure is he, so I relented. Mind you, back of my mind was wondering if I could ever have my #terukirdibintang wedding…

When we planned for our concept, he asked me first about the theme.  We are two totally different individual – him, a musician and myself, pretty much a bookworm. I thought our concept is along that line. But he asked if I wanted an astronomy/cosmic theme for the wedding. I WAS BEYOND ELATED. Of course I agreed! Who wouldn’t?! I do not know if we think alike or it was just him making my ideal wedding come true. Regardless, that is as close as we can get to my getting married under the stars. WIN.


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