A year on…


11045402_10153367186067018_8567021293520514333_n (1)

Time flew. Just last year I was sitting in cafe, all ready to complete my mission of “a cake a day till my birthday”. Not surprisingly, I accomplished my mission. And gained a whopping 10 kilos throughout the year. Felt like a teenager again, with such big appetite to feed the tummy.

A year on… and a lot of things happened.

A year on… and I grew up.

If I could summarise the past year in a word, it would be “BLESSED”. With what had happened to me in life and love, I began the search for my soul, seeking His Love. I began looking at life in a different perspective, sometimes to the extent of probably emotionless. There were times when others got emotional and I could only offer sympathetic smiles. Nothing too overboard. There were also times, when I question my inappropriate lack of emotions. Doesn’t mean I do not show my emotions, I am not feeling anything. Ok, maybe I really don’t? I just felt like sometimes, these adversities we are facing are just temporary. For some unknown reasons, worldly matters don’t matter to me so much. I began focusing on more important matters. Simply put, I learn to not hold grudges and let things go.

And what happened when I let things go? Allah SWT replaced them with better things.

… I cannot say how blessed I am today.

I have almost everything! Sacrifices here and there, but looking on the bright side, I am done with my BA. I found a life-partner I never thought I would. I have more time to spend at home. I am taking up new courses to fill my time. I am better mentally, emotionally, fiscally and spiritually. So now, I have to work my ass off to be better physically. :p

With that, I am prepping myself to embark on my new journey. Until then, I hope I will have enough time to pen my thoughts about that journey.


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