5 Phases of Falling In and Out of Love

This was written quite some time ago, from another blog. I thought, I’d share with you.

The 5 Phases:

  1. The Major Heartbreak
  2. The Getting Over
  3. The Letting Go, Letting God
  4. The What’s Next and Excess Baggage
  5. The Decision Making

To each, his own. Everyone has their own means and ways of dealing with a heartbreak. Some people are luckier; they fall in love with their first love and marry them almost right away. Other, like me, well, we learn to survive. For now, I am happy and thankful, Alhamdulillah, with being single. I’ll just have to learn to draw certain lines, especially when it comes to befriending males. As liberal as we may be, sometimes, we do not know if our actions hurt others; we do not know if what seems okay to us, may not be the same case for another.

And my warning to all single ladies, beware whom you befriend, especially if your good guy friend is attached. Remember to know when to draw the lines, ok? 🙂


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