Weddings : To go or not to go?


Have you ever been invited to any event that says you may bring a +1, but somehow, you ended up alone?

I was super close to giving up on attending a wedding. Reason? I have no one to go with me. A bit petty, but hey, most of the friends I know, and some of whom actually confessed that they would just forgo any wedding if they have to attend alone. And why did I suddenly have the courage to attend this wedding?

A friend told me, “Datang je.. mesti ada orang  kau kenal..” (Just come, you’re bound to meet people you know..). Right.. So on the way, I told myself, if I can go overseas alone or even attend any talks and seminar alone, why can’t I attend a wedding alone? Now some of you might ask, how did I even get invited? The groom is…. well, an acquaintance. You see, it’s a complicated story if I were to say, he’s my exboyf’s schoolmate, right? So, I’d say, he’s my brother’s best friends’ cousin. OK, that’ll do. Now, why do I even bother attending? Here’s why: I wouldn’t want my invitees not turning up for my wedding some day. They say, it’s karma.

Initially, I felt out of place and so many awkward moments. Then, so much for my wanting to be anti social. I always ended up meeting some familiar people. Yup, I wasn’t alone. I hung out with the groom’s cousins. That wasn’t so bad right?

My moral of the story: It is okay to attend events, weddings especially, alone.


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