I am G (for jiwa)!


In the Singaporean-Malay slang, “jiwa” is a term we usually use when we want our friends to do things together with us or even side us on decisions and/or when the occasion calls for us to be united regardless the consequences. In technical terms we pronounce it ‘ji’ (G) – ‘wa’. Hence the start of my “G for jiwa” term.

The Malays always promote unity and togetherness; in other words “gotong-royong“, “satu hati” and “muafakat“. Take the “$50 void deck wedding” for example… All family and friends of the newly wedded couple will come forward and help out where needed. Despite being termed “$50 void deck wedding”, the occasion never fail to lift up the kampong spirit.

That’s a whole lot of digression, yes? What I meant to say, not everyone who says will be there for u, will actually be there for you. You will only know your “jiwa” friends’ true colours when you’re at your lowest point in life. Not everyone is as “jiwa” as you think they claimed to be. Ask anyone friend in your spontaneous crazy road trip to the nearest country. You think?

Personally, I believe in G for jiwa for as long as I love and I could, I would be there for any friend who deserve my presence. Well, I used to be very jiwa go just about any friends, then I realised, some are not worth it. For jiwa I am for my friends and family, only the deserving ones know.

So how G for jiwa are you?


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